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I Want Private Sex My pof account wont let me log in

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My pof account wont let me log in

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I know Bend is a small town, but I do not get out often as I am always sleeping or working. I'd like to text share connect and then meet up (coffee, dinner, date. Going out to lunch every once in a while would be nice .

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When I read supposed solutions to this problem online I laugh. I see people suggesting things like ,e your browser cache, restart your browser, restart your computer LOL.

It is that simple.

Plenty Of Fish is hypervigilant about prevent spammers and prostitutes, sugar daddy issues on their dating site. Because of this POF.

Plenty of Fish problems | Down Today

This issue is explained fully in why my POF account got deleted. The number one advice I give concerning this is do not get too attached to womt POF account.

Best advice I can give regarding your dating in general is create accounts at some other free dating sites like POF as. One thing qont keep in mind if you choose to create a new account: If you create a new account on POF use a proxy server and a different web browser.

This company is extremely commercial and I suspect that Plenty Of Fish will either become annoyingly commercial with tons of advertisements all over the place or their dating site will no longer be free soon.

Soon enough you will have the pleasure of having to pay to be on Plenty Of Fish and not be able to log in.

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Yeah, for some people maybe, but this is nonsense. And looking for a solution online it seems thousands of people have login problems. So, in short, wrong. pet

When I went to log in to view the matches, it said "this account does not exist." Funny, I thought. So I tried resetting my password - and it told me that the EMAIL Now it won't even let me register at all, because it keeps saying. Changed password 3 times, still won't let me log in. How do we contact support? There's no way shown on the site. Oh, and when I click on my. It keeps telling me I have the wrong password which I know I do not. I request I can't login either to the app, I thought my account was deleted.

Thanks for the tips. I never spammed, had nudity accounh links in my profile. I suppose he could have reported me, but would one person reporting me be enough for them to delete my account? Here is why — POF has SOOOOO many members that they have tons of auto mated My pof account wont let me log in the more automated the site is, the less people needed to run it, the more money for doing nothing and someone reporting you is a trigger that will get your account deleted.

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See http: Makes sense. You have to remember that most of POF account deletion activity and many other things are totally computer automated.

Short URL: Evan Toder. Katherine Locke.