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Cord wood western ma

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Smaller sizes are available for wood stoves.

Our weekly moisture testing is how we ensure you are getting the highest quality New England Hardwood blend in the area. A cord of firewood measures woox x 4ft x 8ft stacked equally cubic feet.

If you lay down a sheet of plywood Corr stack 4ft high covering the entire sheet of plywood. Yes, we do sell green log length.

The lengths are between 8ft to 20 ft and it comes on a very heavy 14 wheel log truck which requires solid ground and access to maneuver the log truck. Price varies on diameter of wood and delivery distance.

There is approximately cords in a log length delivery. Logs are delivered as is, left in a pile.

Please log in. Great for BBQ's.

Our complex firewood processor allows us to keep up with all your wood burning needs. Contact us for our competitive firewood prices today. Click here for a list of wfstern towns we deliver to: Click here to see some of the FAQ.

Cord wood western ma

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A cord of firewood measures cubic feet. To achieve this measurement, tightly stack the pieces of firewood all in the same direction, four Cord wood western ma high by four feet deep by eight feet long.

The best burning wood is seasoned hardwood, Cord wood western ma by ash and followed by oak and hardwood maples. Seasoned means the tree has been cut and allowed to dry for a least wester year, although it need not be split.

The only exception to the seasoning rule is ash, which can usually be used the same season. Avoid pines and cedar which burn hot and can cause a build-up inside the fireplace.

While birch wood, with its attractive white bark, is the prettiest wood, it is not among the best burning. The best smelling is oak; the worst, ailanthus, nicknamed the "tree of heaven. Keep split firewood in a dry place that Cord wood western ma proper ventilation and preferably, some sun.